Anonymous asked: "Who is the member of 1D who hates to see girls cry?"

Well I’m sure that all the boys would hate to see them cry. But if you mean by what they answered In an interview or video diary I think it was either Harry or Niall who said that. Not sure. Xx

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Anonymous asked: "Hello there, ever so sorry to bother you but I'm new to tumblr and have just started a blog called l-is-for-little-things and I was just wondering if you could check it out and possibly give some feed back, much appreciated :) yours sincerely L is for little things xx"

Why dont you come off anon and id be happy to help you ;)

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Anonymous asked: "Josh is sexier than zayn"

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Anonymous asked: "HARRY OR LOUIS?"

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Anonymous asked: "RANDOM GIF ATTACCKKKK"

Sorry for not having that much. I just started making a gifs folder again ;)

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Anonymous asked: "omg laurel your imagines are the best i have ever read! can you please make one about being sassy with zayn and iboning with niall? thanks! love you!! :)"

awwwww thank you so much! Sure! I’m gonna make a pfew imagines now and add them to the queue ;) LOVE YOU <3

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